Whitepaper: Why Solutions? Why Now?

A call for Technology Channel Partners to adopt a solutions-centric business model that ensures long-term success and sustainability.


Success To Significance Articles

Articles by Dean Newlund and Charlie Tombazian on how companies make the Journey From Success To Significance.  Articles describe why Success to Significance is so critical for operating in the β€œNew Normal.”  A Triple Bottom Line approach (People, Profit, Planet/Community) is the tool and process that launches a company on the Journey, building upon Success by infusing more meaning in the work and workplace to reach Significance.


VIDEO: The 3 ways The Brain Creates Meaning

Information designer Tom Wujec on The 3 ways The Brain Creates Meaning. In this short talk from TEDU, Tom asks: How can we best engage our brains to help us better understand big ideas? Brief video describes how the brain attributes meaning to what we see (take in through our eyes). Understanding how we create meaning through three areas of our brain that help us make sense of words, images, feelings, connections. Keys to helping our brains make meaning are 1) making the lesson visual, 2) making the visual interactive and 3) making it persistent-- reinforced over time.


VIDEO: what motivates us

Noted author and speaker Daniel Pink captivates us with an inspiring and creative approach on the subject of What Motivates Us!

Pink has done extensive research into the countless studies on human motivation. He concludes there are three key motivators for those people doing sophisticated cognitive work (knowledge workers). And these "intrinsic motivators," more than anything including money, are what organizations should provide in order to attract, retain, engage and delight their people.


PRESENTATION: Employees First, Customers Second at HCL Technogies

HCL CEO, Vineet Nayar, desribes his company's transformation utilizing an Employees First, Customers Second philosophy and programmatic approach in this PowerPoint Presentation (29 slides). This is a case study that supports so much of the literature on Service Profit Chain and how our consulting programs are built on a foundation of Employee Engagement.


Service Profit Chain

5 Harvard Professors teamed in the '90's to create a model from extensive research on the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Two of those Harvard professors, Gary Loveman and Leonard Schlesinger, went on to leverage their Service Profit Chain model and principles as CEO of Harrah's and Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of The Limited Brands, respectively. Their business results speak for themselves-- tremendous increases in employee satisfaction, engagement and retention which in turn increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and profits. Other companies have followed suit, including Cardinal Health and Sears. The Harvard Professors' Service Profit Chain Model is presented below.