2010 studies point to dramatic declines in customer and employee engagement. Is this the result of the current economic depression or the way company leaders are responding to it? High employee engagement is correlated with high customer engagement and shareholder returns. So it benefits all stakeholders to increase employee engagement, deliver extraordinary customer experiences, and implement differentiating strategies. Innovative Strategies incorporates the powerful principle of engagement. We help people discover the needs, values, and beliefs that enable them to "out-behave" the competition.
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Landmark Case Study on Employee Engagement
HCL CEO Vineet Nayar documents his company’s transformation and much improved results through this slideshare entitled Employees First, Customers Second http://bit.ly/zLHBrj After reviewing the slides, do you believe this approach would work in your organization?  Why or why not?

Prediction: Standard of Living Declines
It appears it will be very challenging for us to maintain the Standard of Living we’ve become accustomed to, and even more difficult for our children and generations beyond to achieve.  OK, so Standard of Living is a relative term.  How would you define Standard of Living?  What components make it up?  Is it measurable?

When Charlie conducted his Is It In You? program at AIR Marketing, it really brought our team together and allowed us to focus on significant ways to improve our clients’ experience. We were quickly able to identify key initiatives, and his on-going support and follow-up increased the positive impact it had on our change efforts. I would highly recommend Charlie and his Program to enhance your organization’s business model and culture.

Elaine Ralls,
Air Marketing